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Google Semantic Search – Skepticism

The Google semantic search initiative is quite interesting and I’m sure part of a much broader conversation on SEO vs social optimization at least from a content perspective. It’s also a really hot topic in internet nerd land; it’s like the Willie Wonka Chocolate Factory but with computers and gadgets.

Facebook News Feed Update

Facebook recently ‘upgraded’ some of its news feed features by implementing a lists option, subscriptions, a ‘top’ news feed and a real-time news feed. Lists:  This feature allows you to segment your friends into various lists and only see posts from those people. Facebook has automatically placed your friends into lists based on their profile … Continue reading

6 Things To Take Away From Facebook’s Announcement

    Skype-powered integration of  video chat within the Facebook platform. Facebook video calling is available through chat tab and within each person’s profile. Video chat is extraordinarily easy, no download necessary and available in less than 30 seconds .  Even my Mema can use it. Group Chat: This text chat feature allows you to … Continue reading

Interview with SCVNGR: What’s Next and Growth

I recently had an interview with SCVNGR Business Development Executive, John Valentine, on the future of location-based services and social gaming like SCVNGR.  The $115 million company sets sights on becoming a global leader in social gaming and has new developments in trying to crack the science of brand/product loyalty.  SCVNGR has landed major stories … Continue reading

Skype Sold for Billions

Rumors have been circling for quite sometime about the acquisition of Skype by potential buyers like Google, Facebook and Microsoft, however, it was recently announced that Microsoft won the battle.  Coming out victorious proved to be quite expensive with Skype’s price tag at $8.5 billion.  Yes, BILLION! Mashable reported that Skype will soon be integrated … Continue reading